Lebanon in the 1920s

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Lebanon in the 1920s  (2013-2014)   The Project The school curriculum depicts the history of Lebanon during the French mandate period as a reciting of facts and dates. The curriculum established for the students of G. 9 and G. 12 does not succeed in introducing the students to the faces who made history, ...

Ongoing Projects


Animators for Dialogue (February 2012 - July 2013) Biladi gathered 25 persons from different religious communities, backgrounds, majors and interests to participate in a training course entitled “Animators for Dialogue.” The trainees had in fact the opportunity throughout the course to enhance their skills by following workshops related to communication skills, ...

Lebanese for Lebanon

Lebanese for lebanon

“Lebanese for Lebanon: when cultural heritage aims at peace” found its origins in the opportunity granted to the participants of the ICCROM – First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Conflict 2011...                                                          

Basic Trips


Our aim is to introduce youngsters to Lebanon’s heritage and to enjoy it.                 • Tripoli and the Cedars: Discover a 1000 years old city with its souks, mosques, churches and castle...                                                          



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